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Well, OK, I bought the space, and it looks like I think everything should be ready once the domain nameserver-change propagates. Right now, it'll be basically a placeholder page, but over the next couple days, I'm gonna see about getting stuff up and going.

But now, SLEEP.

tom the dancing bug

Dub Club 2005 Best Of Mix: Streets Named For New England Trees

This is the second/third (depending on whether or not you count the Xmas one) Dub Club mix that I've been a part of. Seeing as it's January, it makes sense to use this disc to take a look back over the stand-out tracks of 2005 -- or at least those that we became aware of in 2005, regardless of whether or not they actually came out then.

Looking over my list, it looks like I did pretty well -- 19 of 23 came out in 2005 (or maybe 2004, depending on when in the year they came out. Like I can't remember if the Madness record was officially 2004 or 2005, and the Blanche record came out officially in 2004, but got picked up by a major and re-distributed in 2005. And, um, I THINK the Data Panik single was 2005, but I could just be wholly wrong on that one. Maybe it was 2004. I don't know -- either way it rules, though. Although, the Sonics song is from 1965, which is 40 years too soon. So, that one's a bit out of place, I suppose, and makes up for this year's best-of thingy actually being relatively current-based.

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TODCRA Presents The Best Of 2005 (Part I)

So, last year, we did a best-of-the-year list, and so, why not do it again this year? The rules are basically the same -- this is stuff that didn't necessarily come out in 2005 (though that helps), but stuff we got into during that year. Again, same categories and everything, and all that jazz. It's the one time a year it's basically OK to do a retread, and we are totally not above that. So, here goes! Happy new year!
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TODCRA Dog on fire

Most Folks Call Them Green Onions, But They're Really Scallions

This is my second Dub Club CD, and this one's actually an optional one. So that's cool. It's all Christmas Songs, since it's getting to be that time of year again (unless you're reading this, like, in January. In which case, well, I guess it's still getting to be that time of year again, just much, much more slowly.), and there's a lot of awful Christmas records out, so perhaps there will be some on here that people can actually enjoy, huh? (And, well, since there's so few, I think we all agreed that none of us would put on the Pogues' "Fairytale Of New York", just because it's basically the One Good Song Everyone Knows About Already. Though it is basically my favorite Xmas song ever.)

This one doesn't actually have two tracks on that I was really thinking about including; they're both long, so I wanted to fit more songs on, so they got the boot. HOWEVER, I did post them both at -- they're both Stan Freberg records, "Green Chri$tma$" and "Yulenet (Christmas Dragnet)", so download those as a supplemental to this set.

So, here it is: Most Folks Call Them Green Onions, But They're Really Scallions
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The Dub Club: It's Raining Again Liners

For those who don't know me personally and have heard me mention it (which shouldn't be basically anyone I don't think), I'm a new member of what's called the Dub Club, which is basically a group of friends who get together monthly or thereabouts and exchange mix CDs based around a theme. It's been on hiatus for a while, but it's starting up again, and this time I've been invited! So, I made me a disc! (This is one of the reasons I've been working on the Music Wikicities page, particularly the Mix CD portion -- the idea is to get a bunch of Mix CDs that are all cross-referenced with each other by liner notes and whatnot so you can see what all sorts of people have to say about individual songs, getting a wide range of facts, opinions, and what-have-you.

Of course, I'll still post the liners here (and at the TODCRA Wiki once that gets going) as well, but go check that out, and add your own Mix CDs as well! This will only work if other people get involved!

Anyway -- the theme for this one is "It's Raining Again"/Fall-Winter/a "Less Light" mix. Some of the tracks I chose were pretty obvious, and others were more based around the sound; part of the fun is the wide-range of interpretations the theme has, so…

But these aren't official mixes, unlike with the mp3s, these ones may show up on Mix CDs before or after this one (as there's a couple tracks that have appeared before on here), so, hey. Feel free to make your own version, too! Or share your own playlists and notes over at the Mix CD Wiki Thing!
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TODCRA Dog on fire

I'm a Wound and a Sword, A Victim and an Executioner

It's been three months since the last Real Mix CD (previous volumes: Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!, The Opposite Of Smoke Is Egg Whites, and Past The Barber and Gymnasium, with a special online supplement being posted every Monday at, which also had the first 16 weeks compiled into a set called Thirteen Ugly Children Roll Gutterballs), so here goes!

Like the last two, this is another themed compilation -- none of these songs were, as far as I could research, ever released in the US. Mostly, they're from Japan-only and UK-only releases, but there's a few exceptions. With any luck, though, perhaps some of these will end up coming out in the US at some point as well; they're all from cool sources that I'd recommend picking up if you ever come across them.

So, enjoy!
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TODCRA - Radio Esoterika

Thirteen Ugly Children Roll Gutterballs

As a supplement to the mix CDs that I've been doing (the three volumes so far are: Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem! , The Opposite Of Smoke Is Egg Whites, and Past The Barber and Gymnasium), every Monday or thereabouts, I've been sending mp3s to be posted at, along with blurbs about them.

There aren't any doubled tracks from any of the mix CDs, and these songs won't appear on future mixes, either. They're also not intended to be particularly cohesive as a full CD compilation, as compared to the other ones -- on these CDs, they appear in the order they were posted. This of course leads to chunks of one artist in a row, as some weeks are artist-spotlights of sorts. I've broken this set up into two CDs if you wish to burn your own copies of them, and the notes here are the notes I originally wrote when they ran in the first place; they're just all in one place. I've also linked the original entries, because I know that at least some of the mp3s are still live as of this posting; they won't be forever, of course, but if you missed any when they were first posted, you might end up getting lucky!

So, anyway, here is the track listing and notes for these discs, Volume 3.5 in my series of Mixes and the first 16 weeks' worth of mp3s!
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...And then, Torgo's knees explode

Upcoming movies from director Michael Bay


In this film, Michael Bay takes a surprisingly artistic turn, relying heavily upon narration to tell the story---even the dialogue.

While investigating the disappearance of the town sheriff, the idealistic young deputy (Bruce Willis) and his newly-wedded wife (Kiera Knightly) discover a crashed space craft with a hideous, carpet-like monster inside. Though this creature is safely strapped down, another wreaks slow, steady havoc throughout the idyllic countryside, devouring everyone in its path. Gradually, the deputy and a Creepy Scientist Guy Sent By the President discover the horrible truth: the Crawler is actually a chemical laboratory created by aliens to study the human race in order to prepare for invasion!

Steve Buscemi outshines the rest of the cast as the scientist. Features a cameo by Beyonce in gold lamé pants and Jamie Foxx as the Wacky Black Guy. Narration by Charlton Heston.

Can Willis and Buscemi stop the monster before it sends its data to its nefarious creators? What else can we blow up? Why do people keep paying to see Michael Bay's movies, for the love of God?

Find out--- in Crawler.

Coming very, very slowly to a theater near you.


Charge the Parents

Tom Cruise is Jimmy, an all-American teen-aged boy whose public praise for his parents contrasts sharply with the depraved reality of his home life. After an award-winning essay EXPLODES in his hands, he becomes a shoe salesman, where he meets sexy rock star/mafia assasin Missy (Milla Jokovitch). From then on he unwittingly becomes a member of the mob, until a botched hit sends him running for his life. Many overly-long car chases later, he finds salvation---and delicious food for low, low prices, have your way---working for the saintly manager of a Burger King (Morgan Freeman).

But Jimmy's past catches up with him, and he confronts his former mob boss (Christopher Walken)---on top of the Washington Monument.

The heart-wrenching family breakdown all comes to a head in the final explosive courtroom scene.

Steve Buscemi, in a brief cameo as the Oily Creepy Mob Guy, outshines the rest of the cast. Features Chris Tucker as the Wacky Black Guy.


the Nuclear Cochlear Implant

The stunning Jessica Alba plays the leader of a secret organization, the Vixens, a league of beautiful young women in form-fitting latex sworn to justice. When Fox Woman's nemesis, the Europy-sounding Bad Egg (Michael Cane) gets his hands on a Nuclear Cochlear Implant and some Happy Bisque it's up to Fox Woman, the Vixens, and the men who ultimately come to the primarily useless females' rescue to save the world.

Features Steve Buscemi as an oily minion of Bad Egg who re-thinks his position after falling in love with his captive Vixen. Watch for Jet Li as the Chinese Ghost. Damon Wayans plays the Wacky Black Guy.


Crimson Area

Okay, honestly, I have no idea what the hell is going on in this one. There's a foreign dictator and some guys and a bunch of explosions.

Preceded by a chilling cautionary tale on the explosive consequences of improper posture.


(Here's one from revme)


Watch as Scarlett Johannessen, Jude Law and Dakota Fanning drive through the desert, only to come upon an abandoned mansion -- the last abandoned mansion of their lives! Featuring Nic Cage as the Demonic Manservant Ortgo and Sean Connery as the MASTER himself! No one admitted during the final climatic 10 minutes in which it's revealed that the house EXPLODES! And also, THE MASTER got their souls and apparently made Dakota Fanning his Sex Slave Of The Damned as well as Scarlett Johannessen. 'Cause, seriously, that was kinda messed up. I mean, it WILL be messed up, because it's WHOLLY ORIGINAL! Speilberg says so!


the Cavern

Michael Bay returns to a mythical age of epic heroes in the Cavern. Toar (Christian Bale), a smart, masculine sword-weilding guy. Toar's quiet, contemplative life is interrupted when a beautiful young woman (some skinny blond chick) with an arrow in her chest arrives on his doorstep. She is the daughter of a brillaint scientist (Sean Connery) currently held captive by an evil, Europy, vaguely metrosexual villain who intends to use the scientist's latest discovery to destroy the world. Toar sets off on a journey to recover the discovery and save America with nothing but his wits, his mentor (Pat Morita), and an exploding helicopter he builds in thirty seconds.

Steve Buscemi outshines the rest of the cast as the oily Snake Cult Guy. Anthony Anderson plays the Wacky Black Guy.